A Fly In The House



Have you ever seen a fly in the house? You try to catch it but you can’t. You get a rag…that doesn’t work. You don’t have a fly-swatter because you don’t live in the country lol. Meanwhile the fly just flies around buzzing, bumping up against stuff, and passing by you every now and then. Smh…

I’ve learned a lil trick. I don’t waste my time chasing flies because they don’t have a long life span. By tomorrow they will have lost about 50% of their speed. And if they are alive the next day, they are super slow and nearly dead anyway. I just wait for them to die.

There are people who do not reverence the Lord Jesus. They annoy God. They are outright rebels. They are like flies to God. He doesn’t bother killing them because He knows they will die in a lil while.

God can take us out at any time, but He gives us one more chance to accept Him. He gives us one more chance to do better. Like flies slow down, we get older and slow down – and still continue to rebel…but God is not “fly chasing.” He wants you to get it together. But sadly,┬ámany die like flies.


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D. Barlow

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