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“Having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace.” (Ephesians 6:15)

I’m an action movie kind of guy. There was a scene when the good guy had one bullet left. And of course the bad guy had a big, big gun with lots of ammo.

The good guy was hiding on the side of the car while the bad guy was on the other side of the car looking for him to smoke him and finally put an end to him. Classic action movie stuff!

And the good guy rolled over with his little pistol…one bullet in it. He saw the bad guy’s feet walking right by the car. What do you think happened next? That’s right. With his last bullet he shot the bad guy in the foot! Needless to say, the bad guy wasn’t so bad after that. He dropped his gun and grabbed his foot – screaming and rolling over on the ground. “My foot! My foot!”

As Christians, we have to guard our feet. There are some “religious sayings” out there. But may I remind us of the words of Jesus? “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” (Luke 10:2)

We say stuff like, “Balance is everything.” “That work is not my cup of tea.” “God did not tell me to do that, so I won’t move unless He tells me to.” “I work a lot of hours on the job.” “I go to school.”

All of this sounds good. It really does. But the underlying truth is not the good excuses but that THE LABORERS ARE FEW…at lest Jesus tends to think so. I believe Jesus will forgive you if you get out there in the harvest field and do some work “even though He didn’t give you permission” or even though “it isn’t your cup of tea” or “it’s foolish because your schedule is too tight already.” I believe Jesus will “forgive you.” Besides, He forgives you for everything else, right???

“What are you saying, preacher?” “I don’t like this article because you are talking about me personally.”

I’m saying GUARD YOUR FEET. Those who try to serve tirelessly are the ones who need to learn how to rest. But those who know they are just unwilling need to learn how to burn out for Jesus. GUARD YOUR FEET.

“How do I guard my feet?” Renew your mind by removing all your lil religious sayings – I mean excuses – that persuade you to do very little for Christ. Justifying why you can’t do this and why you can’t do that. Claiming you’re awaiting your season. No…no…no. Guard your feet.

Much like the man in the action movie, you have guns. You are without question a factor in the kingdom. No ones arguing that. But you have been shot in the foot and neutralized from an action standpoint. You have a lot of Gospel in you, but your spreaders are broke. You ain’t-spreading-nothing!

You are not in the harvest fields! You’re at poetry night…Lord have mercy…but you are not near the unsaved or the unlearned. You are not burdened by some you are mentoring or discipling. Your toes have been blasted off…hindering your action.

Guard your feet.


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D. Barlow

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