Out of Gas



Tim has a tight schedule. So tight that all he does is work and sleep. Since he’s a sports fan, he makes a lil time to watch his favorite basketball team…the Miami Heat.

When he got in his car to go to work he noticed his gas light was on. He said to himself, “I can make it to work, then I’ll get gas after work.” He did make it to work.

However, after work he did not get gas. “Hmmm, Miami plays Cleveland tonight. If I go straight home I can catch the 2nd half of the game, and just get gas in the morning.” He did make it home, and he enjoyed the game.

However, Tim ran out of gas the next morning. He couldn’t make it to the gas station. The sad thing is, Time ran out of gas although he had plenty of money.

Many people are like Tim. They live many years. Pass by many churches. They feel they have time to accept Christ as their personal Savior later on…but unfortunately later on never arrives. They had time, but they were too busy to seize a moment.


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D. Barlow

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