Swollen Hands



When I was younger we were bad. We used to take pride in having swollen knuckles after having a fight. If your knuckles were swollen, you won.

One time, my entire hand looked like a balloon. In my mind I was severely injured, although I was being macho outwardly. I was thinking to myself, “I’m not fighting anymore. It hurts whether you win or lose.”

Ephesians 6 talks about spiritual warfare. It says the Word of God is the sword of the Spirit (v17). I’ve discovered that using the sword of the Spirit against the devil is comparable to having a fist fight.

When the devil tempts, he’s swinging and punching on us. And in a natural fight, the person swings at you and punches you – and you despise it, so you hit that person back. Your response to getting hit in a natural fight is to hit back. Even though it hurts your hand, you go upside that person’s head…am I right?

In order to hit the devil back, you have to use the Word of God…but there is a catch. Just like punching a person hurts your own hand, using the Word will hurt you in a way. It hurts you to use the Word because something in you wants to give in to temptation…but the only way to get the devil off of you is to hurt yourself using the Word on him.

It’s okay in the spirit to have, “swollen hands.”


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D. Barlow


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