You Will Not Drown


When my son Darren takes a bath, my wife only allows him to use about three gallons of water. She doesn’t want any accidents to occur with our babyboy. And me being a joker would say something like, “I done told you that boy’s head is too big to fit under water. It’s impossible for him to drown.” Lol. (You can imagine the look on her face when I say that…)



I wondered, what if for Darren’s amusement, I filled up the tub to the brim and told him to go take a bath. Knowing my child, he would be kind of nervous about that even if I explained to him that I would be in the restroom with him the whole time.

You know what…sometimes God puts us in deep waters. We are nervous in deep waters. We prefer a few gallons. But every now and then the Lord ordains deep waters. And He is there with us to make sure we don’t drown. If I will not let Darren drown, surely God will not let you drown.

You will not drown.


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DB and TCB

Rev D Barlow



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The Red Sea “In me”



Moses stretched forth his staff…

And God split the Red Sea! God defied nature. You cannot defy nature. I cannot defy nature, but God can defy nature if He so chooses to.

You and I have a “Red Sea” living on the inside of us. It’s called the sinful nature or the flesh (Romans 7). How absurd would it have been if the children of Israel tried to team up and divide the Red Sea themselves???

As it pertains to the sinful nature…our flesh, when we take a break from relying on the supernatural power of God to restrain “our Red Sea,” the Red Sea in me…the Red Sea in you, you and I will drown in sin just like Pharaoh and his army drowned in sin.

We have to be ever reliant upon the supernatural power of God to restrain the “Red Sea in me.”


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DB and TCB

Rev. D Barlow



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