Hard To Bless


A friend of mine, Rev Dewey Allen, called me and invited me to attend a youth conference they were having at their church. What I know about Reverend Allen is, whenever he call about something kingdom-related, it’s something awesome! I have an awesome time in the Lord every time I accept his invites.

So I rounded up a hand full of youth – about 4 or five – and we went to the conference, which was very empowering! The church gave away gifts, and two of the youth I brought won tickets to the Astros game!

One of the young men gave me his tickets because he was unable to go on the day of the game. I was unable to go on that day too because my family and I were scheduled to be on family vacation that day. So I took the tickets anyway because I wanted to bless someone with them.

To make a long story short, I had a hard time giving those tickets away. I tried giving them to my neighbor but he didn’t answer the door lol. My cousin, who had been a blessing to me… I wanted to bless him with them but he was out of town. The list goes on and on. I was frustrated that it was difficult to bless someone with free tickets to the Astros and White Sox game.

Likewise, God wants to bless us. He gets frustrated because He longs to bless us, but we are so disobedient and uncooperative with Him.

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